The course is mainly composed of lectures, practical activities in class, project assignments, a mid-term exam, and quizzes about videos. Lecture slides will be posted in Canvas right before their corresponding class (see the Files folder).

Note that some assignments are due right before class, others are due later or on non-regular meeting days. There are no late days for the assignments.

The books referenced in the schedule are all available online through the Yale University Library:


Date Topic / Activity 484/584 Assignment Quiz * Optional Reading
Mon 02/01 History of HCI. Why care about design?      
Wed 02/03 Design thinking, qualitative data analysis     RMiHCI, Ch. 11
Mon 02/08 Brainstorming in class   Brainstorming (Quiz 1, due at 1pm)  
Wed 02/10 Ethnography, Contextual Inquiry Project 1a - Report on ideation (due at 8:00pm ET)   RMiHCI, Ch. 9
Mon 02/15 Interview / Contextual Inquiry   Interviews (Quiz 2, due at 1pm) RMiHCI, Ch. 8
Wed 02/17 Tasks, Personas, and Scenarios      
Fri 02/19 No class. Assignment due Project 1b - Report on design research (due at 1:00pm ET)    
Mon 02/22 No class. First break day in the Spring.      
Wed 02/24 Storyboarding   Sketching (Quiz 3, due at 1pm)
Mon 03/01 Models of processes and users Project 1c - Report on tasks, initial designs, and chosen design (due at 8:00pm ET)   RMiHCI, Ch. 13
Wed 03/03 Low Fidelity Prototyping (paper, videos)      
Fri 03/05 No class. Assignment due (CPSC-584) Review Milestone for CPSC 584 (due at 1:00pm ET)    
Mon 03/08 Heuristic evaluation & Work on prototype in class      
Wed 03/10 Usability testing & Work on prototype in class     RMiHCI, Ch. 10
Thu 03/11 No class. Assignment due date Project 1d - Report on low-fi prototype (due at 8:00 PM)    
Mon 03/15 Heuristic evaluation in class      
Wed 03/17 High-fidelity prototyping Project 1e - Report on heuristic evaluation (due at 8:00pm ET)    
Mon 03/22 No class. Time given to work on midterm Midterm exam is available on Canvas (from 10am ET)    
Wed 03/24 No class. Third break day in the Spring.      
Fri 03/26 No class. Midterm due date Midterm is due at 5pm ET    
Mon 03/29 Spatial Interfaces & Intro. to P2      
Wed 03/31 Data Visualization   QTBA (Quiz 4)  
Mon 04/05 P2 Insfrastructure & Ideation   UX for Digital/Physical Installations (Quiz 5)  
Wed 04/07 More on P2 Infrastructure      
Mon 04/12 Interface Implementation Project 2a - Report on initial research and design (due at 8:00pm ET)    
Wed 04/14 Work on Project 2 during class      
Mon 04/19 Experimental Design Literature Review for CPSC 584 (due at 1:00pm ET)   RMiHCI, Ch. 16
Wed 04/21 Universal Design & Accessibility     RMiHCI, Ch. 3
Thu 04/22 No class. Assignment due date Project 2b - Milestone report (due at 8:00pm ET)    
Mon 04/26 Invited Lecture by Tesh Goyal (Google)    
Wed 04/28 Design Communication      
Mon 05/03 Invited Lecture by Dan Szafir (UC Boulder)      
Wed 05/05 Project showcase Project 2c - 3 min presentations (due at 1pm ET)    
Wed 05/12 No class. Assignment due date Project 2d - Poster and supplementary material (due at 8:00pm ET)    

* All quizes are due by 1pm ET before the class starts on the due date.